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TeamPage Edition

Choose the edition of TeamPage that matches your organization's needs.

How Many People

TeamPage is licensed based on the number of named accounts.

Deployment Type

We can host your TeamPage in the cloud, or you can download the software and run it yourself. Hosting includes all software updates and managed backups. You can change between cloud and download when you need to.

Storage Space

How much storage space do you need for your data? If you're not sure, start with 10GB; it usually lasts longer than you'd expect. If you're planning to upload a lot of legacy data, start with a size large enough to accommodate the data you wish to upload plus about a year's worth of expected growth.

Solo Hosting

If you need a special domain name, require DoD Common Access Cards or X.509 client certificates, solo hosting provides you with your own dedicated server. SSolo Hosting is only available with an annual (not monthly or quarterly) subscription.

Preferred Domain Name

We provide you with your choice of subdomain, subject to availability. If you're going for solo hosting, you can use any domain name that you control (though you can still use if you like).

Social Bookmarking

TeamPage's Social Enterprise Web option lets you share, discuss, task, and tag external web pages.

Feed Reader

If your business depends on monitoring external news sources, the Feed Reader lets you search, tag, comment on, task, and share information from external feeds.

Anonymous Access

If you plan to run a public-facing site on TeamPage and want it to be indexed by Google, Bing, and other search engines, you can enable a special shared Visitor account. Visitor access is free when you host your own TeamPage, but an extra-cost option if we host your TeamPage in the cloud.


Pay monthly or save money by pre-paying quarterly or annually. Please note that PO's are only available for quarterly and annual billing; a credit card is required for monthly billing. Solo Hosting is only available for annual subscriptions.

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We offer special pricing for government and non-profit organizations.

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