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Decagon Devices: Plans, Products, Projects, Procedures and ISO 9001 Quality Management

Decagon Devices (Decagon.com) designs, manufactures and markets scientific instruments used to measure water, light and heat in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. Decagon devices are used by 80% of the top one hundred food companies to measure water activity in food; by farms to measure soil for water and nutrient use; and by NASA where Decagon devices were sent to Mars to measure humidity and wind. Decagon deployed TeamPage for project management, ISO certification of their procedure management, internal corporate communications and knowledge management.

Working Across Boundaries

In his Jun 2, 2013 blog post, Chess Media analyst and author Jacob Morgan asks: How Open is Too Open? He asks "Would you be comfortable working in an all glass building where people can see everything you do and every move you make?" Jacob outlines the benefits of transparency: "Keep everyone on the same page; Build trust and fostering better relationships; Allow employees (and customers) to contribute ideas and value when they see the opportunity to do so." Jacob recognizes that a balance needs to be struck, but not being transparent enough may do more harm than good. He ask: "How open is too open?" I agree with the benefits Jacob outlines, and believe the answer to Jacob's question depends on the answer to a critical question: "Transparency for what purpose?" I'll start the ball rolling in with this post, including some real-life customer examples.

NHS Part 3: NHS Orkney Board gets TeamPage and £28,000 Annual ROI

The Board of Directors at National Health Service's Orkney hospital use TeamPage and iPads to eliminate paper at board meetings. The move saves £28,000 per year in printing and related costs, and was covered by both The Guardian and BBC News. This use case follows a history of NHS Orkney innovation with TeamPage. They first used the platform to address a failing grade in a communications audit (See National Health Service Orkney (NHS Orkney) and expanded its reach to integrate their legacy directory with TeamPage profiles (see NHS integrates Intranet 1.0 with Enterprise 2.0 to get Social with TeamPage 4.0).

29 Oct 2011 | KMWorld - Rich options expand the collaborative horizon

Writing in KMWorld Magazine Judith Lamont quotes Forrester Analyst Rob Koplowitz: "Many companies are placing a big bet on collaboration to support their business activities. In particular, the workplace is moving toward one in which many business applications are integrated through collaboration and exposed through the social layer." Lamont chooses Teampage customer the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) as her first example. BGRI is an international research project funded by the Gates Foundation and others to organize and conduct research aimed at stopping the spread of crop disease that threatens a third of the world's wheat supply. "The organization selected TeamPage from Traction Software as the collaboration solution and the Attivio Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) to aggregate the many types of content on the website. TeamPage includes wiki, blog and social networking capabilities. "We chose TeamPage because it could be deployed very quickly and was simple to use," says John Bakum, webmaster for the site, which is hosted by Cornell. The site was up and running in just a few weeks, and has grown rapidly over the past several years."

Athens Group - Traction TeamPage for Quality Management, Training and Knowledge Base

Athens Group is an independent consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. In 2009, the company migrated their Athens Group Quality Management System (AGQMS), industry knowledge base, and training curriculum to Traction TeamPage where the information is easily accessed, collectively edited, and the content can be moderated where necessary. TeamPage became their integrated Intranet. In 2011, the TeamPage Attivio Search Module was added to further improve information access with automatic page ranking and faceted drill down navigation.

23 Aug 2011 | Financial Times - Tapping the Full Power of Social Software as a Strategic Tool

Writing in the 23 Aug 2011 Financial Times, John Hagel and John Seely Brown of the Deloitte Center for the Edge advise CIO's how to improve performance, usually without increasing spending. They recommend that CIO's identify their biggest pain points, and adopt a Performance Improvement Funnel approach to leverage the unique, full value of social software. Hagel and Brown cite two examples from their Feb 2011 Social Software for Business study including: "Alcoa Fastening Systems reduced time spent on compliance activities by 61 percent using an internal collaborative platform provided by Traction Software. Both companies targeted specific pain points and were able to deliver tangible improvement in performance that mattered to the senior executives of the firm." » Read the full story

3 Aug 2011 | Alcoa Fastening Systems: What were you doing at 7:15AM Saturday July 2, 2011? Joe Crumpler was working.

Vote here for Alcoa's Forrester Groundswell Award What were you doing at 7:15AM Saturday July 2, 2011? Sleeping? Getting ready for a Fourth of July weekend picnic or a trip to the beach? Joe Crumpler of Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) was reaching for his iPad to review status for the world wide roll-out of an Oracle upgrade scheduled for the holiday weekend. The story starts the night before. Joe writes in the Next Think Next blog that he co-authors with Brian Tullis:

25 May 2011 | Attivio and Traction Software Help Power Borlaug Global Rust Initiative to a 2011 Computerworld Honors Program Nomination

Newton MA — May 25, 2011 — Attivio, Inc. announced that IDG's Computerworld Honors Program has acknowledged its work with the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) and Traction Software to create a community portal developed to help fight the spread of wheat rust. As part of the award program, the BGRI has been named as a 2011 Laureate. The annual award program honors visionary applications of information technology promoting positive social, economic and educational change. The BGRI project organizers, led by Cornell University, selected Traction Software's TeamPage, a social software solution that combines wiki, blog, tagging, activity streams, discussion and social networking capabilities in a secure, scalable Enterprise 2.0 social software platform, as a basis for the portal. Additionally, Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine (AIE), was chosen to power search and information access, which are considered to be vital functions for the website. The Computerworld Honors awards will be presented at the Annual Laureates Medal Ceremony & Gala Awards on June 20, 2011 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C. Read » Full Release See also BGRI UG-99 Video

23 Feb 2011 | Traction TeamPage customers Alcoa and Ensign Bickford featured in Deloitte "Social Software for Business Performance" report

"The paper highlights the experience of one early adopter, Alcoa Fastening Systems, which has significantly improved employee productivity -- achieving a 61 percent reduction in time required for compliance activities -- by leveraging social [Traction TeamPage] software tools." - Deloitte 23 Feb 2011 press release. Traction TeamPage customers Alcoa Fastening Systems and Ensign Bickford are featured in an independent Deloitte research report: Social Software for Business Performance (.pdf) - The missing link in social software: Measurable Business improvements by John Hagel III of the Deloitte Center for the Edge. See video interview with John Hagel and a Web version of the report, Metrics that Matter, published by Deloitte University Press.

30 Nov 2010 | R&D Magazine | Borlaug Global Rust Initiative wins industry award

Cornell information specialists received a 2010 Forrester Groundswell Award Nov. 19 for the globalrust.org website, which provides wheat warriors the advantages they need to combat the virulent new diseases of wheat that threaten world food security... From the beginning, the project presented various communication challenges related to intranets and extranets that the DRRW Web team knew they would have to solve to engage all the project partners... "We wanted to engage wheat scientists and promote multidimensional engagement," said Nelson, former communications director for the DRRW and an extension associate at Cornell. "We were looking for the ability to mix social, mobile, multichannel and media to make it easier for these high-value scientists to work together."... A combination of Traction TeamPage software and Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine enables the globalrust.org website to be user-friendly and deliver key content to more than 300 researchers daily » Read the full story

19 Nov 2010 | Borlaug Global Rust Initiative Wins 2010 Forrester Groundswell Social Impact Award

London, November 19, 2010 Forrester Research, Inc. honored the six final 2010 Forrester Groundswell Award winners for excellence in effective use of social technologies to advance an organizational or business goal. Winners of the fourth annual Forrester Groundswell Awards in the International Business-to-Consumer (B2C) division were honored at Forrester's Marketing & Strategy Forum EMEA in London. "We're thrilled by the diversity and quality of the entries in this year's International Forrester Groundswell Awards," said Nate Elliott, principal analyst at Forrester. "With consumers worldwide embracing social technologies, the Groundswell is now global. The finalists and winners we've recognized — including local efforts on four continents and a number of truly global programs — are among the leaders in using social tools to reach and serve their customers." » Read the Forrester Press Release

Borlaug Global Rust Initiative

Combating the Wheat Rust Pandemic: Bridging the Worldwide Scientific Community with Enterprise 2.0 Social Software -- Wheat rust is a serious fungal disease affecting wheat caused by the rust fungus Puccinia triticina. It is the most prevalent of all the wheat rust diseases, occurring in nearly all areas where wheat is grown. Thought to be all but extinct for more than 50 years, the world is now facing a new pandemic of wheat rust -- Ug99, a highly virulent stem rust variant. This strain could potentially be responsible for the destruction of more than a third of worldwide wheat production. Such a failure could be devastating as wheat is the world's most widely planted crop and accounts for a fifth of humanity's calorie intake (1).

9 Nov 2010 | EContent - Collaboration and Knowledge Management Working Well Together

EContent's Marji McClure reports on how collaborative tools integrated with knowledge capture can streamline complex business processes while also providing valuable insights organizations for future use. She interviewed D. Craig McHenry, senior director of competitor insights of Pfizer Nutrition. “The big issue we found ourselves needing to address,” says McHenry, “was how do we really build over time a complete record of the different pieces of information gathered and analyzed and assessed and document it? How do we create a living history or a living document of that conversation?” McHenry and his team turned to Traction TeamPage. McHenry cites benefits of the Traction solution including reduction in the amount of information being pushed through the company's email system, making it less burdensome to stay engaged and on top of what happens in discussion. » Read the full story

8 Nov 2010 | EContent - A Case of Life-Saving Collaboration

EContent reporter Kurt Schiller describes how the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) is marshaling a global response to a threat to world's food supply. Wheat rust is a virulent crop disease spread by the wind that can rapidly decimate crops leading to drastically reduced harvest and the threat of famine - currently endangering Africa, Asia and the Middle East. BGRI chose Traction TeamPage and its Attivio powered advanced search capability to quickly stand up a hub for collaborative scientific research, planning and public communication of the latest research results to a global audience. See the Traction TeamPage powered BGRI site globalrust.org » Read the Full Story

TUG 2010 Newport | Videos and Slides

TUG 2010 Newport was the best Traction User Group meeting yet! For links to individual video and audio podcasts of the fifth annual Traction User Group 12-15 Oct 2010 sessions and slides, see the TUG 2010 Newport Agenda page. Keynotes, customer talks, interviews, training sessions, and Thursday 14 October's Observable Workshop are published on the Traction User Group blip.tv channel, presentation slides in the Traction Slideshare archive. The #TUG2010 Twitter archive is a record of the lively TUG Twitter stream. See Chris Nuzum, Traction Software CTO and co-founder's TUG 2010 Traction Update below.

30 Aug 2010 | Borlaug Global Rust Initiative: Forrester Groundswell Award Nomination

The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative is a great example of Enterprise 2.0 technology used to support global collaboration aimed at finding and implementing a solution to a complex and urgent problem - as originally envisioned by hypertext pioneer Douglas Engelbart. How urgent? "90 percent of the world's wheat has little or no protection against Ug99 wheat rust. This plant disease could quickly spread and annihilate a crop that provides a third of the world's calories." The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative was formed to reduce the world's vulnerability to wheat rust diseases through a first-ever international collaboration in wheat research. We're happy the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative case has been nominated for Forrester's 2010 GroundSwell award. Please read the Groundswell page on The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative's Knowledge Bank - and add your own rating, comment and review for the BGRI case and others.

30 Aug 2010 | Alcoa Fastening Systems: Forrester Groundswell Award Nomination

Brian Tullis and Joe Crumpler of Alcoa Fastening Systems have done a great job speaking and writing about their experience using Traction TeamPage to support their innovative approach to project work. A lot of people ask for Enterprise 2.0 examples which show measurable return and provide practical advice based on experience: Brian and Joe do exactly that. We're happy their Alcoa Fastening Systems case has been nominated for Forrester's 2010 GroundSwell award. Please read the Groundswell page on Observable Work Principles - and add your own rating, comment and review on their case and others. Here's their Groundswell page summary:

29 July 2010 | Enterprise 2.0 and Observable Work: Brian Tullis and Joe Crumpler, Burton Group Catalyst 2010 Santa Diego

Brian Tullis and Joe Crumpler did a lively talk on Enterprise 2.0 and Observable Work at the Burton Group Catalyst 2010 North America conference in San Diego. For those of us who couldn't be there in person, see their Abstract quoted below and the enthusiastic Twitter stream from 29 Jul 2010! I'll add a link to their speaker notes and slides when they become available. Update: Brian posted Enterprise 2.0 and Observable work slides and speaker notes. For slides see inline Slideshare below. Sounded like a super session!

26 Feb 2010 | Great Wired Magazine story on Borlaug Global Rust Initiative

Read this Wired Magazine story Red Menace: Stop the Ug99 Fungus Before Its Spores Bring Starvation on the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative's leadership in a global collaborative effort to combat a critical threat to the world's food supply. Fighting Ug99 wheat rust requires a global response bringing together a diverse community in the US, Africa, Europe and Asia, including plant biologists, plant breeders, field agents, molecular biologists, NGO's, and BGRI sponsors. We're happy and proud that that BGRI is a Traction Software customer, and that BGRI's globalrust.org site is powered by Traction TeamPage, used as a hub for both public information on Ug99 wheat rust and for global collaborative scientific research.

2.0 Adoption Council | Neat Tweet!

Susan Scrupski (aka @ITSinsider) tweets Sep 22, 2009: reading a great preso by a Council member. great testimony for e20 vendor Traction Software @TractionTeam

11 May 2009 | Collaborative problem solving at KUKA

KMWorld quotes Tom Woodman, enterprise applications manager at KUKA Systems on use of Traction TeamPage to track, manage and report on issues across project groups. Woodman says: “TeamPage helped us document what wasn’t working, collaborate around potential solutions and turn on a dime to fix them. Then, it helped us spread the word about those improvements to the rest of the company very quickly. As a byproduct, we are also able to meet compliance requirements, because auditors can easily review the issues and determine if there are any that would need further scrutiny from a financial reporting point of view. » Read More

March/April 2009 | Intranets - TeamPage at KUKA Systems as Solution for Managing (and Maximizing) Change

Carolina Reid's Solution for Managing (and Maximizing) Change is a case study covering KUKA Systems deployment of Traction TeamPage as a means to track and collaborate on process improvement. She wrote:

KUKA Systems

KUKA is one of the world's leading suppliers of robotics as well as plant and systems engineering. Their Enterprise Applications group deployed Traction TeamPage in 2006 to support a process for collaborative Issue Tracking for their deployed enterprise information system.

Orient EuroPharma | 友華生技醫藥股份有限公司

Orient EuroPharma deployed Traction TeamPage in the year 2005 to address critical communication issues within the company. The deployment is supported by our partner, Applied Knowledge Company, in Japan. As of the date of this case study, March 2009, the focus on internal communications, market intelligence and document sharing has thrived and spread from the IT department throughout the organization. This interview with Orient Europharma discusses their background, the problems which led them to deploy Traction TeamPage, and the benefits they’ve experienced as a result.

13 November 2008 | Computerworld - Wikis that work: Four IT departments get it right

Beth Stackpole's article examines Enterprise wiki technology moving into IT Departments. Two of her four case studies are Traction TeamPage deployments at Enel North America and Shorebank. Comparing Enterprise Wikis versus other technologies for discussion and collaboration, Stackpole says:
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