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    23 Feb 2011 | Traction TeamPage customers Alcoa and Ensign Bickford featured in Deloitte "Social Software for Business Performance" report

    "The paper highlights the experience of one early adopter, Alcoa Fastening Systems, which has significantly improved employee productivity -- achieving a 61 percent reduction in time required for compliance activities -- by leveraging social [Traction TeamPage] software tools." - Deloitte 23 Feb 2011 press release. Traction TeamPage customers Alcoa Fastening Systems and Ensign Bickford are featured in an independent Deloitte research report: Social Software for Business Performance (.pdf) - The missing link in social software: Measurable Business improvements by John Hagel III of the Deloitte Center for the Edge. See video interview with John Hagel and a Web version of the report, Metrics that Matter, published by Deloitte University Press.
    Source Deloitte - Figure 17. Alcoa compliance activity improvement
    The Deloitte summary states: "Senior executives are skeptical of the value of social software. Their reluctance is understandable but self-defeating. Deloitte Center for the Edge’s paper, “Social Software for Business Performance” discusses how companies can leverage social software to significantly enhance business performance in the short-term and transform it in the long-term. Early adopters of social software have the potential to reap financial rewards and develop skills and experience that can help build a stronger competitive position over time. Social software has unique capabilities to address current operating challenges and improve operating metrics." » Download a free copy (.pdf) of the Deloitte report. » Read the Deloitte press release.
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