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    Traction Software Customers

    "Alcoa Fastening Systems, which has significantly improved employee productivity -- achieving a 61 percent reduction in time required for compliance activities -- by leveraging [ Traction TeamPage ] social software tools." Deloitte report
    Traction TeamPage customer quotes from Deloitte report:
    • “Traction Software is the place where informal work gets done.
    • “With Traction Software I can post meeting notes and assign action items to individuals. Then, they can go into the tool and write comments to update the group on the status of their action items as well as post deliverables. It greatly increases transparency and streamlines communications.
    • “What sold me on Traction Software is I realized how it can help me do my job better. Traction helps me get work done faster and allows me to communicate more effectively with my colleagues.
    • “With Traction, people take ownership for their area of expertise on the tool. They provide help to other projects if they have the knowledge needed to contribute.
    • “With Traction, people are pulled in to solve problems based on their expertise on short notice. Before Traction, we simply weren’t able to do this.
    • “Traction has increased transparency around resource allocation and made it easier for managers to find the expertise they need quickly.
    See also blog posts by Brian Tullis, Alcoa Fastening Systems Information Services Director, for context and his explanation of the reported performance improvements:

    What was our goal? We went from request to live in seven months. A team of techs from the US supported a travel team of analysts. We accomplished a task that normally requires at least 2x the time and many more resources. We did it on time and under budget. The stars lined up for us on this project, but our map was in Traction. ~ Enterprise 2.0 and Observable Work: Recap and Speakers Notes

    By consolidating this work in an enterprise social software platform, we eliminated 61% of the work required to maintain documentation, do tests, and inefficient waste time spent searching for information across 7 locations. 61% equates to almost two full time resources.

    We tried previously to do this consolidation through other tools, to no avail. Why were we successful with Traction? There's something about Traction and social tools like it that enable outcomes that were never before possible. If you read the study, you learn that we experimented with applications of the tool until we found some that worked in solving a real business problem.We can spend that productivity gain on project work, software changes, user support, and all of those other customer-facing things that our colleagues expect us to do as an IT organization. Individual IT teams that have not consolidated all of their work into our central group are applying these patterns and using the same tools. ~ Social Software for Business Performance - Some Perspective

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    Traction Software's customers range from small and mid-size businesses of all sorts to large pharma, finance, manufacturing and consulting companies; US Departments of Justice, Defense, Energy, Health and Human Services; US State Emergency health service, law enforcement and IT agencies; In-Q-Tel (the venture arm of the CIA); Universities and other non-profit organizations.
    Industry leaders including twelve of the Global 100, nine of the top twenty global Pharmaceutical companies and well-known private high tech, scientific, manufacturing, shipping, and consumer good firms in the US, Japan, Europe, Australia, and Singapore.
    Traction TeamPage's built-in support for simple, secure communication, time zone selection on a per user basis, and search in any combination of English, Japanese, German, French, Chinese and other languages make it an ideal platform for globe spanning organizations, large or small.
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